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As a first-generation immigrant, I was born in Washington DC to a father from the Dominican Republic and a mother from El Salvador. Growing up in the DMV community, I observed my parents’ relentless hard work ethic and learned from their struggles and achievements. Despite being a gifted athlete, my childhood dreams of becoming a pro soccer player were dashed by naysayers who doubted my stamina. However, in high school, I discovered my natural leadership skills through the Junior Recruit Officer Training Corps (JROTC), where I excelled as a cadet.


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Building a Better HVAC Company

Gain insight into my six rule foundation and how I plan to use it to create a successful and sustainable HVAC business.

After graduating from a 4-year university with no clear goal or motivation, I worked as a government security officer at the airport but lacked direction in my life. It wasn’t until I had surgery and watched a show called Bar Rescue that I realized my true talent was in management. I had the potential to run my own business, and after ten years of self-doubt and complacency, I finally took a leap of faith and quit my secure job to work for my dad’s HVAC company.

Our Mission

At Pentagon Air, our team of experts is committed to ensuring that our clients have a comfortable and safe living environment. Trust us to keep your home or business at the perfect temperature all year round.

Our Team

At Pentagon Air, we have a team of highly trained and experienced technicians who are dedicated to delivering the best possible results. Our team is professional, reliable, and committed to providing excellent customer service.

Our Values

We value honesty, integrity, and transparency in all of our business practices. We believe in treating our clients with respect and providing them with the highest quality workmanship. At Pentagon Air, you can count on us to always do what's right for you.

We Pride Ourselves in the Quality of Our Work

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Learning a new trade coupled with my management skills reignited my passion for success. Despite negative influences trying to deter me from my goals, I started my own HVAC company built on a foundation of six essential rules: trust in oneself, break societal norms, don’t be afraid to fail, block out negativity, work hard, and always find a way to give back. Through my company, I hope to inspire others to achieve success while maintaining blue-collar values and a pursuit of happiness. At the end of the day, I believe that success is not just about what you achieve but also how you achieve it. My background, experiences, and values have molded me into the man I am today, and I hope to work with you to achieve your happiness. Thank you for considering us.
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